UNDER CONSTRUCTION: The Wyndcroft School – Highland Avenue Renovations & Additions


Location:  Pottstown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

The existing building is a 1940 circa stone residence, consisting of solid stone exterior walls and a slate roof.    This project involved the alterations of this former residence for use by a private school.  The renovations included the construction of an accessible toilet room on the 1st floor, construction of student toilet rooms for the classroom areas, and modifications to the 2nd floor for a reception area to the administration offices.

Additional alterations include improvements to finishes, addition of classroom amenities, window replacements, and code-related improvements. Mechanical and electrical upgrades including the installation of an automatic sprinkler system for fire suppression are included in this project.

The planned addition provides an accessible entrance at the back of the building, along with the installation of an elevator for accessibility to the basement, 1st, and 2nd floors, and an exit stair to connect all levels with a protected means of egress.

Project Profile: The Wyndcroft School, Highland Avenue Renovations & Additions

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