A New Face in a Strange Chair – Meet Lyndsey


If you stop in our Office this week, you may see a friendly, new face.  Lyndsey Bosold is visiting our Office while on her break from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  She is in her final year as an Interior Design major, and is gaining an appreciation for the importance of hand drafting.  She enjoys learning in a professional environment, and is expanding on her interest in commercial design while she is interning in our office for the week.


HermanMiller Spun Chair (1)

Lyndsey makes her MGA debut in a new HermanMiller chair called “Spun.”  If it looks silly, and perhaps impractical, that’s because… well, it is.  We were able to take this new chair for a spin, but had a harder time finding a meaningful purpose for the seat.  If you’re looking for a fun, sculptural seating element, you might consider the Spun Chair, which retails for $599.00.

HermanMiller Spun Chair (F)

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