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Continuing with our Contributing Bloggers, we would like to introduce a new series on Project Delivery Methods, authored by one of our firm Principals, Dennis Rex.  Dennis will be writing several blog posts over the next few weeks, and we would love to hear your feedback on the topic.

There are essentially four types of typical project delivery methods in the construction field:

Design-Bid-Build (DBB) – The Owner enters into an agreement with the Design Professional for design services and preparation of building documents.  A select group of contractors bid on the completed documents and a contract typically is awarded to the low bidder.

Design-Build (DB) – The design and building roles are combined into a single contract.  The Owner hires a contractor and the Contractor hires an architect.  The Architect prepares construction documents for the Contractor, but does not represent the Owner.

Construction Management (CM) – The Owner enters into an agreement with the Design Professional.  Rather than bidding the project to contractors, the Owner hires a construction manager for a fee.  The Construction Manager’s main function is to act as an agent for the Owner, allowing the Owner to act as the General Contractor.

Partnering (P) – The Owner selects and hires both the Architect and the Contractor at the start of the project.  Both the Architect and the Contractor are in direct contact with the Owner throughout the project, balancing the project program, design and budget.

Some people may expound on the virtues of one method over another, but the decision on how to structure your project should be determined entirely on a project-by-project basis.  We are currently working on multiple projects of each type, and there are merits to each method.

Within these four types, there are literally hundreds of variables, subsets and ways to organize construction projects, but to keep it simple, this series will focus on these four methods.  Over the next few weeks, we will publish a series of posts explaining each method, so please make sure you subscribe to our blog, because this series will not be published in our newsletter.  Click on the “follow” button in the lower right corner of any page on our website, and we will deliver the posts directly to your email.


Is there a topic you would like to know more about?  Let us know, and we will try to cover it in a future post.


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Dennis Rex is a Principal, and the President of Muhlenberg Greene Architects, as well as an occasional contributor to our Blog.

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