MGA Holiday Traditions

It’s that time of year again!  The time of year where you will get tiny paper cuts all over your face if you visit our office.

From the hanging snowflakes, of course!  Our vintage snowflakes have made their debut, and true to tradition, you will see our staff ducking, weaving, and doing the “snowflake dance” to avoid the perils of the low-hanging paper.

Hanging Snowflake

A flake of particular note is the one above, made by Principal Howard Quaintance, which seems to feature a menagerie of insects and animals.  What creatures can you identify in Howard’s snowflake?

The colors and theme of our Christmas tree changes every year.  This year our tree features simple, vintage red balls, with gold beads for flare.

Decorated Christmas Tree

Decorating the tree and office is an annual event, complete with pizza and laughter.  So, come visit us for a dose of Festivity!

Preparing the Snowflakes


What are your favorite office traditions?  Leave us a comment, or find us on Facebook!

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  1. Diane Schade says:

    It looks just great! Nice tree, too.

  2. Let it Snow! says:

    […] MGA Holiday Traditions […]

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