Our Beginnings in the Roaring 20’s

In our beginnings, Frederick Muhlenberg designed a wide variety of building structures, and the office was very busy during the 1920s. The projects listed below are only a sample of projects in our archive from the 1920s. The dates given are the dates the office began the project, not necessarily the date construction was completed. If we have found relevant news articles from the period, they may be linked to the project name.

In the gallery at the bottom you will find photos of many of these buildings.  Do you recognize any?

St. Joseph’s Hospital – Ward Building, 1922 *
Pottstown Hospital – Nurses Home, 1924

Office / Retail
Addition to Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, 1920
Ganster Bldg, 1922 *
J. C. Bright Co, Pottsville, 1922 *
Harold Furniture Co., 726 Penn Street, 1922 *
Chantrell Hardware – Foundry & Storage, Millmont, 1922 *
J.C. Bright Co, Lansford, 1923 *
Harris Store, Entrance, 1923 *
Breneiser Bros. Store & Office, 1924 *
Kins Store, Entrance, 1924*
Charles Evans Cemetery, Office Building, 1925 *
Croll & Keck, Entrance, 1927 *
Stitzer & Waldman, Store & Apartment, West Reading, PA, 1927
Auto Parts, 42 South 4th Street, 1928
YMCA Addition, 1929 *
Medical Arts Building, 1929 *
Heizmann Estate Store, 1929
Geo. D. Horst Recreation Center, Hampton Heights, 1929

Northmont School, 1922
Millmont School, 1922 *  (second article)
Riverside Grade School, 1922 *
Hamburg High School Renovation, 3rd Street, 1924 *
Sisters of St. Bernadine 18th Ward School, 1924
Shillington High School, 1924
Glenside School, 1925 Lower Alsace School, 1928

Pennsylvania Optical Works, 224 S. 8th Street, 1915
Noe-Equal Hosiery – Factory, 12th & Bern, 1922 *
Schutte Body Corporation – Factory building, Lancaster, PA, 1924
Apex Hosiery Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1925 *
Schuylkill Valley Mills Addition, Spring City, 1926 *
Fedden Bros. Hosiery Mill, Shillington, PA, 1926 *
Supreme Oil Co., Leymoyne, PA, 1926
Royersford Needle Works, 1927 *
Rising Sun Embroidery Works, Royersford, 1929 *

* image in slideshow

Mr. Muhlenberg also designed many residences in the Greater Reading area. If you have any questions, we might be able to answer them with some research in our archives.  If you know of other buildings Mr. Muhlenberg may have designed, send us an email at mga@mgarchitects-ltd.com.

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