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As we close out our 95th anniversary year it seemed appropriate at this time to write about our traditional holiday greeting cards. We take great pride in this old-time ritual because it is our way of connecting with people and letting them know how much we appreciate and enjoy our relationship, while at the same time extending our best wishes for the holiday season.

It’s uncertain exactly when MGA started sending out the greeting cards but it was definitely in full swing when I arrived on the scene in 1975. During my early years the first order of business was reminding Larry to order the personalized greeting card from the local stationary store before the deadline expired for the card imprint. Once that was accomplished it was just a matter of taking the time to handwrite the envelopes and get the 200+ cards in the mail.   This routine stayed in place until 1987 when we elected to change our traditional imprinted greeting card to a pop-up greeting card that is created and manufactured annually by Graphics3, Inc.


Our first pop-up card (Victorian Toy Shoppe)  was so well received that it was decided to  stay with the pop-up card the following year.  The response to our second card convinced us the pop-up card was here to stay.

DSCN1007 DSCN1009

We have cards involving transportation (my personal favorite card is the carriage), buildings of all shapes and sizes, a pear tree, a Christmas tree, and even a cast iron stove with a turkey “cooking” in the oven!  All of the cards are unique and fun in their own special way.

DSCN1015 DSCN1026

We have a copy of every card sent out during these past 27 years and each year we display them throughout the office during the holiday season.  If you’re in the area next week, stop in to see our growing collection, and get an early preview of our new 2015 card!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Muhlenberg Greene Architects, and best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!

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  1. Barbara says:

    Great article and absolutely lovely cards! Happy Hoidays, Debbie and MGA/

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