Scott Graham’s 5-year Anniversary at MGA

In my life as an Architect, I find that I measure time in projects rather than years. Some of them are fleeting, and some of them are months- or years- long “learning experiences.” In each one, I continue to discover and learn new skills and realities about the profession of Architecture, and just how expansive our skill set needs to be. Each project is always a new challenge. Some days, I can’t believe it’s ALREADY been 5 years, and other days that it’s ONLY been 5 years!

5 ½ years ago, I found MGA out of necessity. My girlfriend (now wife) was living in Lancaster County, I was in New Jersey, and gas was not cheap. MGA fit the bill for firms I wanted to work for. They were modestly-sized, varied in their project types, and were embracing new design technology, which is a passion of mine.

DSC_0112 sm

My wife Becca and me at the MGA Summer Picnic in 2012


In these first few years at MGA, I’ve had several notable milestones. I achieved licensure in 2013, was named an Associate in 2014, and have had the honor of being involved with the design of several signature MGA projects; some of my favorites include the Knight’s Pub at Stokesay Castle, Keystone Villa at Ephrata, and Conrad Weiser West Elementary.


Knight’s Pub at Stokesay Castle

Presentation Image

Rendering of Keystone Villa at Ephrata

3474 Ephrata Keystone Villa Senior Living

Keystone Villa at Ephrata

4208 - 04

Conrad Weiser West Elementary School


In addition to my role as Architect, I’ve also been fortunate to find my niche as I.T. and BIM Manager to help push new design technologies into MGA’s workflow. I am passionate about integrating building information modeling into our everyday activities. Our chosen building modeling platform, ArchiCAD, is always evolving, allowing us to better and more efficiently develop our designs, and provide additional value to our clients. Other exciting new tools are appearing to help in project and construction management that I’m eager to integrate into our process as well. Trying to design a systematic approach that can cater to the full spectrum of our projects has been a daunting task, but I truly believe it is the key to keeping MGA a first-class firm that can rise to any challenge!

The move to our new office in Wyomissing has also provided plenty of opportunities to update and re-imagine technology’s role in our office. My vision for the office includes updated presentation and training areas, an updated IP phone system, tablet-based client deliverables, and video conferencing capabilities. This is also probably why Dennis and John are hesitant to hand over the company credit card…

In the next 5 years, I am hoping to implement greater fluency with BIM amongst our design staff, and develop a collaborative digital workflow with our consultants through IFC data exchange. All the while maintaining our standards of exceptional design quality. I also plan to implement cloud-based project- and construction-management capabilities to our workflow to provide more streamlined and effective project delivery.

5 years has gone by pretty fast, but I love the direction our firm is headed, and am looking forward to helping Muhlenberg Greene Architects continue as one of the area’s best Architecture firms!

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