Architects often face the task of recreating the reimagining the current state of affairs in order to create a building that isn’t out of style. A lot of inspiration and passions goes into what they build, and it is one discipline that requires years of training and determination.

Modern architectural marvels have become something of a commonality since we almost see a new every day. This can be attributed to the progress in technology and efficiency in engineering techniques.

Architecture has become a job that governments have had to outsource to their own public, and it has more often than not, brought up some of the best structures of all time.

Let us look at a few.

1.      Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Standing at nearly an astounding 3000 feet, this structure is often given the honor of being the tallest human-made structures in the world, and the Burj Khalifa is today used for office as well as residential purposes.

Apart from the above, Burj Khalifa also houses an Armani hotel as well as an observation deck. One can only wonder how the structure stands with such magnificence and strength in the middle of the desert.

The structure of the Burj Khalifa is covered with glass which perfectly goes with the rising Arabian sun.

2.      The Shard, London

The Shard is the tallest structure in Western Europe, and it is most notable for how it changed the British skyline. It is also clear from the building that many of the elements were inspired by how churches were constructed.

The glass windows give off a beautiful mirror image of the photogenic British sky as well as the city that is surrounding the building. The building, just like Burj Khalifa, houses offices, apartments and also a hotel.

An observation deck is also available which will enable a view that spans across 40 miles in all direction.

3.      Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou

Since the turn of the century, China has emerged as a future global leader, and this has reflected in how they have evolved when it comes to architecture as well.

Designed by the famous Zaha Hadid, the Guangzhou Opera House stands right in the middle of the city of Guangzhou. The Opera House also features two unique structures that are quite free-flowing.

The first one is a house which can fit approximately 2000 guests whereas the second one can house about 400 guests.