Children’s Home of Reading – Carole & Ray Neag Center

Location: Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Muhlenberg Greene Architects initiated the planning and programming for the new 72-Resident Treatment Facility at the Children’s Home of Reading as part of a master plan study for the Home’s campus on Centre Avenue. The design and construction of the residential treatment center was the first phase of the plan to be implemented.  The center consists of the 36,000 square foot, 3-story, building that houses 72 residents. The facility’s design was developed to support modern concepts for adolescent treatment and create a comfortable residential environment. The spatial arrangement and organization allow flexibility among the different programs to provide services in small group settings while maximizing the efficient use of staff.

The exterior facade design of the Carole & Ray Neag Center was developed to be complementary to the historical qualities of the surrounding neighborhood and maintain the residential context. A priority of the design and planning for the building was to permit flexibility to allow for changes in the program and space needs over time.